Monday, October 24, 2011

Christian Yoga

I have been debating about going to this yoga studio down the street that specializes in Christian yoga. I am honestly not sure if I should though. I got really into yoga when I was living in another city. I felt like it was just not right how addicted I was becoming to this endevor. I just felt like I was not honoring Christ by practicing the moves that were meant to be praise for another religion. I looked into and bought Praise Moves. Its an alternative to yoga for Christians but I really did not like it because it was not a good workout for someone who was more advanced fitness level. It was not relaxing either so it did not fit that purpose in my workouts. It would be good for someone who was looking for a low impact, easy exercise routine. I have been reading articles and I am honestly torn. Can I use my body to praise Jesus using this yoga? Or is there no separating yoga from its Hindu roots? I am not sure if I will try a class or not. I continue to read about Christian yoga as I make my decision.

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