Friday, October 21, 2011

First Post C-Section Outing

Today I left the house! I was beginning to get into my OCD tendencies and honestly I was thinking that I might never leave the house again. I think I was happy about that. But the day must come where we stop eating take-out and I restock the kitchen with some food that is (somewhat) healthy. Also, my friend needed my big car to get her jogging stroller. So I finally left. It took about two hours of preparation and a last minute nursing top-off. It really was okay. I was fine, baby was fine, and all was fine with the world. We may leave the house again....(next week).

I had a great Trader Joes trip where I got some of my favorites...

Pesto and whole grain pasta with Parmesan  (I can live on this stuff)
Stuff to make lentil tacos
Sourdough bread and cheese
Butternut squash ravioli
Banana chocolate protein muffins
Pre-cut fruit and veggies
Pumpkin butter (Seasonal Amazing....)
Pumpkin pancake mix (amazing)
Baked chips
and the rest of my staples....eggs milk etc.

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