Sunday, October 2, 2011

The last week and husky pants.

There is no way to describe what pregnancy is like in the ninth month if you have not experienced it. It is so wonderful and exciting, and slooooow. My husband says that its the fourth quarter with 30 seconds to go. Somehow this has been the longest 30 seconds of my life. I am ready ready ready. Did I say ready? I am ready. I am 38 weeks and four days. My doctor is going to induce my on 39 weeks one day because my baby appears to be super sized. This does not surprise me because my diet has been less than optimal through the pregnancy. I have completely used pregnancy to give into my cravings. I ate an entire coffee cake yesterday. Its not that I lack will power, I am actually very disciplined if I set my mind. It's that I lack motivation. I just have been happy to eat what I want BC I knew no matter what there was no fighting the gain and change to my body in pregnancy. So change must come.
My family needs the change too. My son is what you would call Husky. We spent an entire day trying to find jeans that fit him. He is now in middle school, so they must be decent looking also. My son is "huskyer" than a normal husky. Thank you SEARS! After an entire day of shopping. We found four pairs of nice Levi's that actually fit.  They carry different size husky clothes such as a 32x28 which fits him PERFECT! Husky is not a one size fits all thing and with kids being overweight these days I am surprised that more stores did not carry larger sizes. I know that the idea is that the kid should lose some weight but in the "in between" can't we just have a nice pair of jeans like everyone else? These are kids with self esteem issues already why should they have to look strange compared to their peers? 
We are off today to watch my son play football. I plan on stopping by the apple orchard which is a mile away from the field. I am going to try to resist the donuts and go for the apples instead. If they have caramel apples all bets are off.

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