Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No more sleep (for the next few months)

I like any newborn parent am completely sleep deprived. Baby and I are sleeping about one hour or two hours at the most in between feedings. I had great plans to eat healthy during this time after birth and bounce back to my old self. This is laughable. I am at the mercy of whatever my husband gets from the grocery store. I have been eating doughnuts and caramel apples galore. I eat what I can grab during sleep times or when he is content and someone is holding him. I know that there are women who plan to have all sorts of healthy frozen meals planned and packed for the birth of their child. If I could go back I would not worry about meals at all. My husband and friends have been great about meals. I would however stock up on healthy grab and go snacks. I would have all sorts of stuff prepared to eat that is not junk. Stuff that is easy to grab and stuff into my mouth in about five minutes flat.
I love my Keurig coffee maker. Its amazing to at least have an easy cup of decaff hazelnut in the morning. No work required. I got it from my husband for my birthday and did not use it because I was not drinking coffee pregnant. I am now drinking one cup of decaf flavored coffee. I have not had it in so long I can actually feel the caffeine in the decaf. I am off to sleep a few minutes now before baby needs to eat again.

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