Sunday, October 16, 2011

Things I actually needed....

This is what I brought to the hospital and the stuff I wish I had....

I wish I had...
More treats. More chocolate and candy. It was amazing to eat a turtle brought by my mother. I wish I had a few boxes for the really great nurses that worked on the labor and delivery floor. They were amazing and I wish that I could have had something to give them right away.

I wish I had brought more yoga pants. Even after a c-section I wanted to be in my own clothes as soon as the catheter came out. I did not bring enough for changes and for the extra days bc I had emergency c-section.

Was glad I packed...
Comfy socks.
Depends (better than meshy panties and pads as big as a boat).
Some small toiletries (my own toothpaste)
Breastfeeding tank tops
Hair ties and clips
My boppy (my husband said we should buy two bc it was so very useful for his comfort and mine).
My e-reader...after I got the epidural I actually read a lot.
The laptop so that my husband could play his Internet poker for the 20 hours we were in labor and delivery.
Cell phones and chargers
BATTERIES! That camera sucked batteries like craaazy.

What I was glad they had at the hospital...
I asked to pump so that I could get as much colostrum into my baby. He had low blood sugar and they started him on formula. I asked to pump so that I could give him all I had too. The nice bonus to asking to pump (even if you don't use it) is that they give you a kit with tubes and bottles and a hand pump that would cost you about fifty dollars to buy on Amazon. It was compatible with mine at home so its a huge bonus to have extra parts at no cost to you.

They pretty much have everything that you need for baby at the hospital. No need to pack a lot for the baby. Just a car seat, outfit, and a blanket. They have everything else for baby care. Diapers, wipes, and all the goods are already there so no need to pack them. Bring the diaper bag though so that you can fill it with all the stuff to take home and use.

A soothie pacifier for the car ride home.

Stuff that was actually pretty useful for me at home and stuff that just is not...

The baby does not like the co-sleeper or any means of sleeping separate from me or Dad. Okay, I will admit I don't like to sleep without baby either. He will sleep a bit in the swing as long as its not moving.

I love my glider and I am glad that I put it in the family room where the TV is located. It does me no good in the nursery. Booooring.

I actually love the wipe warmer. It seems frivolous but babies hate freezing cold but wipes in the middle of the night. Babies actually hate diaper changes in general but warm wipes make it a little more tolerable.

Huge bottles of hand sanitizer in the living room and by the diaper changing table. My older son got his first cold of the year the day that we brought the new baby home. Everyone who has visited seems to be sick this week for some reason. I have been the sanitizer queen and I demand that all who enter all also well sanitized. My husband calls me the sanitizer nazi.

Lots of blankets and onsies. This baby has had his share of blowouts and we go through about three onsies a night. We get a lot of crap on the blankets (both literal and figurative).

A great pump I inherited. My sister in law gave me her medela pump in style. Its a great expensive pump that is really useful for stocking up on breast milk. I was leery about borrowed pumps but I must say after I used it I can see that its nearly impossible for any cross contamination with old breast milk. There is just no way with clean tubing that any breast milk could get into the motor and back into the bottle. I cleaned everything with alcohol when I got it but there is not a reason that I can see not to use a well taken care of used pump from someone close to you.  Also, the medela breast milk storage bags are something that I went back and purchased bc they are so handy for freezing the milk for when I go back to work.

The baby did not need the fifty different pacis. He liked the one from the hospital.

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